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I am Om-Ra

I am a Master Multidimensional Psychic/Etheric Healer, channeller and founder of Tools of Mastery.


I am an empath, clairvoyant, clairsentient, clairaudient, a conduit for the light and a medium.

My consciousness began shifting out of the 3rd dimensional matrix in 1992. I went through a rapid awakening
from the illusion by dropping density and my channels opened up involuntarily, realising later that I had incarnations as a High Priestess in Lemuria and Atlantis, also a Galactic Healer from other star systems.

My colleagues in the higher planes began appearing to me and communicating to me my mission and worked with me up to today. As I heightened my vibration and passed my testing and initiations more colleagues made themselves visible to me clairvoyantly and I aligned with them as ONE to assist humanity and the earth with ascension, working with Melchizedek, Archangel Michael, the Ascended Masters of the 7th dimension and above and many more colleagues and spiritual family from the higher planes of consciousness where there is only love and divine light in it's purest form, hence my vessel needed to be in it's purest form to become ONE with them, this is where I am from originally before incarnating on planet earth.

I had achieved ascension before this incarnation on another planet, hence the rapid awakening as it was natural and normal for me, I remember thinking I have been through this before.

My consciousness went through an expansion and I began doing planetary work with the Ascended Masters of the 7th dimension and above, The council of light, the galactic federation of light and the Archangels including Mother Mary before working with individuals.

My initiations and testing from Spiritual Masters in the higher planes and my Higher-Self through awakening from the illusion has enabled me to see the Higher picture and the Divine Truth in life and beyond.

I have the ability to release/clear the ego's control through wounding from this life and past-lives and the less-than-love influences the ego has attracted into a person's life.

I heard the voice of God say to me "it is the ego that separates itself from me"

I also specialise in assisting people with drugs and alcohol

awareness and facilitating reconnection and repair  and alleviating ascension symptoms.


I walk between the worlds, aware of what is going on beyond the veils.

"You see, in the higher planes all that exists is absolute Divine Love and Oneness. Fear is absence
of Love, when we embrace all with Divine Love we dissolve fear completely."


- Ascended Master St. Germain

"I embrace each one of you through my heart for you to remember that all the duality on the planet
is a fragment of your own duality, by dissolving the duality within you, you will assist the raising
of consciousness on the planet creating a timeline of peace for the future, Eternal Blessings"

- The Council of Light

 I started awakening to the Language of Light in 1999. I speak and write in the Language of Light
fluently, the language of Light is the language of the soul and when spoken it can heal and clear
a lot of duality and fear based energies."

EHYA YOHNA TEHA MAHIA - All is in perfect divine order


"The Energies were like heaven, I feel like a million dollars"


Star Formation
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