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Tools of Mastery

Anyone can work with the Tools of Mastery Templates. You don't have to be a healer or visualise to work with the tools. Very very easy to use and powerful in their clearing and healing and empowering protocols.

If you have a healing practice or you wish to work on yourself and others including your pets for upgrading and raising your/their vibration and release hundreds of negative and dis-empowering beliefs and programs on all levels, the Tools of Mastery Tool Kits will do that for you.

The Tool Kits are for mums, dads, couples, singles and professional people whether its healers or artists or anyone in the corporate world who wish to energetically clear and heal their aura, chakras, workplace, home, real-estate property, land, car and matrix on all level without having to sit and meditate and or visualise symbols to do that. The tools are utilised for working on yourself and others, not for attuning others. You will receive a personal use attunement to utilise the tools.

So easy to utilise that you can do that whilst you are driving.

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