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Alcohol Damage

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Alcohol and spirituality. Does alcohol lower your vibration?

Since raising my vibration, I no longer drink alcohol and if I did, I can feel my energy weaker and less connected to my Higher-Self, Guides etc. Also, I sense the lower astral trying to infiltrate my energy and consciousness a lot easier where I have less control. Working with clients, I see clairvoyantly the disconnection and the lower astral that has attached itself to their energetic body when they have consumed alcohol. Recreational drugs do that too.

Drinking 1 glass of alcohol takes you back a few steps on your spiritual journey and lowers your vibration. I have felt it and clairvoyantly seen it.

As a depressant, alcohol slows down your metabolic system, effectively making it harder and harder for your Higher-Self and Guides to link-in and communicate with you.

Higher-Self and Guides = connect at a high energy state

Alcohol = induces a low energy state thus the lower astral has more power to control You. 


Higher-Self and guides want to connect with you, however, when alcohol is consumed, your energy drops and they cannot, you may think you are channeling your Higher-Self and Guides, however, they are lower astral being in the spirit world who would pretend that they are of the Light and will infiltrate your being and consciousness.

When you are raising your vibration, this often means you're changing your diet, your outlook, and your overall state of being to run at a higher energetic level. 

All to reflect a state that is more in alignment with the you that your higher-self sees, a higher aspect of you.

With the slow down of our system, alcohol can make it increasingly difficult for your Higher-Self and Guides to connect and more difficult for you to connect to this ascended frequency of self.

It can relax you if you already vibrate at a high frequency, but it also disconnects us from these high vibrations.

For your Higher-Self and Guides, their energy has to mesh with your energy. For you to reach communication with the angelic realms, you need to be up in this high vibration.

As you open up spiritually, your vibration naturally rises to the level of your Higher-Self. 

The more Light, more lifted, and more elevating activities you participate in such as:

  • Meditation and relaxation

  • Making dietary and social shifts

  • Connecting more with your soul path


The more Light-lifted and elevated your soul becomes.


This is called raising your vibration.

Your soul naturally aligns with more positive, loving energy (the High energy of Spirit), and it becomes easier for those in the Spirit world who are of the Light to link in and connect with you.

And because it does, when you raise your vibration, your Higher-Self and Guides are connecting with you much more frequently, elevating your energetic rate much more regularly.

The higher and higher your natural energetic state becomes, the harder and harder it is for you to lower your energetic state back down and for a high vibrational sensitive person to rebound when it happens. 

As you raise your vibration, your new normal energetic state will start to clash with lower energy states.

Alcohol induces a low energy state - it depresses the central nervous system.

When you drink alcohol after so much work elevating your energy, it can create a direct discord between your spiritual body and your physical body, and make you feel worse if you are highly energetically sensitive. 

However, if you have been actively connecting with your Higher-Self and Guides and raising your vibration, alcohol may not sit with you the same. 

After drinking, you may also notice spiritual side effects that were not present before, too. Low energy emotions and negative thoughts may even start to kick in after a night of drinking.

For all these reasons, I don't recommend alcohol, if you are seriously on the Enlightenment Path.

If you need to relax and ground your energy, instead of alcohol, I suggest grounding essential oils like clove, vetiver, cinnamon, and anything with frankincense, or ylang-ylang I personally find vetiver very effective. Anyone who is not on a spiritual/enlightenment journey who wishes to get the evidence in a 3D way.

Check out Dr. Daniel Amen, on You Tube who does brain scan imaging and has found

physical evidence

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