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House and Land Clearing


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Often homes and lands are disturbed energetically with less-than-love thoughts, feelings, earthbound entities, negative portals and weaknesses in the land. People living in the house can feel this if they are sensitive. House and Land Clearing involves, clearing the matrix of your house and the grid of your land, it involves clearing negative elementals, earthbound entities, sealing less-than-love Portals and everything and anything which is not of the light. Om-Ra also facilitates placement of Vortexes of Light in the areas of your house where there are weaknesses to less-than-love stuff. The energy of the house and land is raised in vibration through Sacred Geometry and the Language of Light.

All enquiries please email Om-Ra.

Please email me the address of the property after payment and Om-Ra will email you feedback as part of the session. The work begins 4 days prior to the date/time of the session


Energy Exchange: $420.00 bank transfer or through PayPal (for up to and including 3 acres)

Payment is required 4 days before the session to confirm it, thank you.

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