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Pet Healing


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The Pet Healing Sessions are for any animal you wish to assist. Pets take on a lot from their owners, humanity and the planet, they sometimes show this in their behaviour. If your pet is in fear, physically sick and or is angry, it means they have taken on less-than-love energies and influences including negative extraterrestrial implants which can be removed, and a healing can then take place for your pet. Pets also have past-life related less-than-love behaviours where they have been wounded, I specialise in past-life soul fragments/soul retrieval for pets and etheric surgery for removing less-than-love technologies and past-life weapons that have been imprinted as a memory in their etheric body.

Email Om-Ra the name of your Pet, a photo and a brief description of what you would like to work on for your pet via email, after payment. Om-Ra will email you feedback regarding the work facilitated.

All enquiries email Om-Ra

Energy Exchange: $300.00 bank transfer or $320.00 through PayPal

Payment is required 4 days before the session to confirm it, Blessings :)

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