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The Sessions are facilitated distantly anywhere in the world and for people of all ages from babies to the elderly. Om-Ra communicates with the Higher Self of the individual to find out what is for the highest good for the individual and what needs to be facilitated to create peace, clarity and healing for the individual. Om-Ra travels through time and space to facilitate the session. Om-Ra is a Psychic Multidimensional Metaphysical Healer and specialises in drugs and alcohol damage repair sessions. Om-Ra also specialises in Multidimensional Etheric clearing/healing in all areas of life.

Om-Ra also works with the Language of Light, to clear, heal and infuse higher octaves of light into the meridians and energetic bodies (mental, emotional, etheric and spiritual) multidimensionally, in all time and space working with the Language of Light, sacred geometry, the Ascension Rays and multidimensional crystals to name a few to facilitate clearing and healing on all levels and dimensions, clearing/healing this life and past-lives and this shifts your future timelines.

Om-Ra facilitates the releasing/clearing and healing of depression, anger, fear, negative karma and all lower facets of the ego and personality to bring balance and peace for the individual and a stronger connection to your Higher-Self, Guides, Guardians and God/Goddess. Healing the wounded child, night Terror, psychic attack, curses can also be cleared/healed with the session as well as past-life healing. Om-Ra also works on the timelines (past, present and future) to facilitate soul retrieval. Om-Ra is a Master Metaphysical Multidimensional Psychic Healer, Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Clairsentient empath and a spiritual medium.

The Sessions can greatly affect the physical body where there is physical pain, this can be cleared in the session, for example, headaches, back pain and stomach pain if it is etherically related.

Om-Ra also works with the individuals to assist them to complete their Planetary Ascension which includes their 12 Lightbody activations. If you have taken recreational drugs in any amount in your life and or have consumed large amounts of alcohol, the Drug and Alcohol damage treatment (which includes the Multidimensional Remote Etheric Healing/Soul Retrieval session) is a pre-requisite.

The Drug and Alcohol Damage Repair Treatment requires the reconnection where there is a disconnection that needs to be repaired and also the doors and gates that have opened up due to drugs and large quantities of alcohol that have been consumed needs to be closed, for more information click here. If you want to read more about how alcohol lowers your vibration click here.

The sessions Om-Ra facilitates assists individuals to release suppression of less-than-love realities lodged in the emotional body, mental body, etheric body, spiritual body, sub-conscious mind and past-lives which frees the individual to experience harmony and balance in their current life and in so doing frees their future life from recreating negative karma, suffering and pain. It helps the individual to move forward from the past where there was suffering and pain on an emotional and mental level and also on a physical level. The sessions are facilitated remotely, via skype, facetime, email or telephone. Om-Ra will call your mobile or landline if there is no skype or facetime available for the consultation.

To book a session email Om-Ra. There is no need to share your story with Om-Ra when booking a session as this is done in the session :) Please note that if you take recreational drugs again after your first session with Om-Ra and you require another recreational drug damage repair the 2nd drugs damage repair is $500 (plus PayPal fees if paying through PayPal).

Click HERE for more details.


Some of the work Om-Ra facilitates in the session:

- Defusing and removing Negative Extraterrestrial Implants, Negative Monitors and Transmitters

- Clearing lower astral and astral entities- Clearing Astral Parasites, Etheric Mucus, Astral Ticks, Negative Elementals- Clearing influences that are not of the light nor serving your highest good on a planetary and galactic level

- Clearing your collective mainframe and your empathy gateway- Clearing the aura, central channel and the spine- Clearing the Four Lower Bodies- Balancing the Chakras- Etheric Tune-up

- Wounded inner child healing and removing the parent's soul fragments from the individual if it applies- Strengthening energetic weaknesses, you may have to less-than-love energies, vibrations, frequencies and influences

- Upgrading the Nervous System if required- Clearing Contracts, agreements, vows and oaths which are no longer serving your highest good

- Releasing less-than-love programs that you're four lower bodies are carrying in this life and in previous lives which clears your future lives also. This is ongoing work until you have 100% aligned with your eternal light and reclaimed your mastery on all levels.

- Clearing and releasing less-than-love cords, links and hooks

- Dropping Density and heightening your love and light quotient

- Soul Fragments Retrieval

- Multidimensional Energetic Alignments to your Mighty I AM Presence/God/Source Energy - working through your timelines, parallel lives and alternate realities to help you release ego-based functioning/past life healing

- Etherically clearing toxins and less-than-love energies from your organs if it is related to stress and anxiety you are going through

- Clearing/healing any issues you are having in your life

- Grounding into the earth

What you will feel after the session:

- Lighter with less mind chatter

- Grounded

- At peace

- More aligned to your Spirit

- A release of anxiety and fear

- More connected to your Higher-Self and Spirit Guides

- Some experience the diminishing of back pain, neck pain, headaches and general aches and pain if the pain was etherically related

With this session, energetic upgrades, blueprint activations, repairing/upgrading your Merkaba, Lightbody Activations and much more can be facilitated if the individual is ready to receive this level of work and after the initial session.

Email Om-Ra to book a time/date for your session.


The session is facilitated distantly via telephone/email/skype which includes the consultation via skype, facetime, email or phone.

ENERGY EXCHANGE $350 through bank transfer

email me for details after booking your session.

The session is 15-30 minutes consult and 1 hour healing

Payment is required 5 days before the booked session to confirm as the healing part of the session begins 5 days prior to the scheduled time/date

ENERGY EXCHANGE Through PayPal $370.00

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