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Mastery Activations

These series of powerful mastery activations are part of the heart-oriented approach to ascension. Each of these powerful mastery activations help provide the energetic support light-workers, healers and star-seeds need to accomplish their world service contracts with the Creator.


These are distant sessions. The energy exchange of each session is $55.00

The description of each session is brought through a gifted psychic who received these sessions.

Angelic Blessings and Mastery Activation for Forgiveness and Grace

"Bringing this one in I was aware of continuing streams of energy entering the soles of my feet and spiraling upwards throughout my body. I watched as this energy removed conventional constraints around forgiveness-i.e. forgiveness is weak, forgiveness is condoning the act/situation. I felt social restrictions being removed one by one. The I sensed and saw angelic hands on my shoulders, and I knew that the angels were blessing me with the ability to forgive myself. This opened up a floodgate of healing - karmic, family, personal. WOW. As soon as this happened, the attribute of Grace flowed in. The vibration of Grace is one of miracles. I believe we are being given forgiveness and grace so that we may heal from the heart out." 

Archangel Michael Blessings and Mastery Activation for Energetic Privacy, Protection and Shielding

" There was an enormous amount of energy and activity in my head. A little bit back from the crown chakra is where the brunt of the activity took place. The physical sensation was intense. Archangel Michael had extended a ray of his being down to me and was seating this ray of protection in me. I could feel the energy running through my body. I then felt a lot of swirling and rearranging in my aura. When I tuned in to it, I could see my aura strengthening, literally reweaving itself in a different configuration. Then I became conscious of energy moving VERY slowly from the top of my head down encompassing my body. This was a soft baby blue energy. It took a long time for it to cloak me. With this one we have been gifted with the ability to go about our mission unfettered. I feel a renewed sense of purpose." 

Archangel Sandalphon Blessings and Mastery Activations for Grounding and Centering

" Felt two things simultaneously. What I can only describe as flowing pressure on top of my head, and a heaviness in my body. Neither was uncomfortable. I asked about both. The 'pressure' was Divine energy flowing downward to anchor me in the Earth. The heaviness was my aura restructuring itself to align with both Mother Earth and Gaia's vibration. Then I felt all these pieces of me being sucked in through my third eye. Incredible clarity, a sense of belonging and even protection. I just feel really good about myself."

Archangel Zadkiel Blessing and Mastery Activation for Alchemical Magic and Transmutation/Transformation

"Very intense physical/energetic sensations with this one. This template reminds us that alchemy isn't about turning stone to gold. It's about removing density and illusion that surrounds us, looking within and finding the true gold--our soul. Like a shuttered window was thrown open and light pours into the heart. It is our nature to perform alchemy, and it has been hidden from us. The Blessing clears the eons of historical distortion from us, allowing us to start transforming ourselves. This one is quite subtle, but I am still feeling the effects!"


Buddha/Quan Yin Blessings and Mastery Activation for Healing 

the Inner Child and Personality

"This started out with a lotus blossom/water lily superimposed over everything I 'saw.' This was a very comforting, gentle, surrounding rocking energy in which one felt safe. I was told that inner children are the divine aspects of us that had to hide in order to survive.   A sparkling golden bubble appeared and encompassed this inner child. I then felt and watched as the fear (be it of inability to be heard or speak, abuse of any kind, guilt) was removed.  This was a tremendous surge of lightness, of freedom! Quan Yin's face appeared before me, looking like alabaster.

With her breath she smoothed out the ragged torn rough edges of the personality I had dressed in, in order to survive.  This is just one of the most uplifting experiences I've recently had. I feel more self-love and a sense of wholeness since this activation. " 

Christos Blessings and Mastery Activation for Embodying Christ Consciousness

"This was just beautiful.  When the activation began, I was placed in a translucent pillar of silvery/blue/gold. (no words for this color.) Intense sensations of flow throughout my body.  I then saw tiny slivers of this pillar entering my body--each one being a 'pleasurable' electric shock if that makes sense. Suddenly I realized that inside of me there already existed an aspect of me that was the Christ Consciousness. Awesome, magnificent surge of energy as this aspect was seated in my heart. Saw the blanket of fear that envelops Mother Earth and the distortion it has caused in humanity... has led us to think ascension comes from outside/from another. These blessings reawaken us to the knowledge that exists within, and we simply need to remember it and then live it from the heart."

Creator Blessings and Mastery Activation for Co-Creating Heaven on Earth

"Tubes of whirling energy surrounded my knees--very strong sensations. This cleared me to move forward to fulfill my contracts to co-create. Moved my attention to my heart area where deep clearing, blessing and activation took place.  I had many visions of Heaven on Earth (while this is a universal activation I suspect that this heart clearing will be unique to each of us). This brought a 'knowing that when we co-create from the heart, we are creating for all." Sense of being connected to the Creators Heart, so that my part in creation is clearer. 

This one defied verbal description, but it is a VERY powerful blessing that initiated huge shifts in my perception around me and my significant part in creation!" 

Divine Father Blessings and Mastery Activation for Enlightenment and Empowered Living​

" Strong 'masculine' energy moved through me right to left.  In the wake of this energy, I saw that codes had been uncovered. A spiral of Light started at my feet and slowly moved upward.  As the Light touched a code, there was an explosion of color and as this color showered out I found myself being re-awakened then realigned to the attribute that the code contained. All expressions of empowerment and enlightenment (love, gratitude, faith, etc.). This also allowed me to be immersed in the divine applications of these attributes which were seated in my cells, various places in my physical body, and energetic spaces.

This one astounded me because I once again realized, we aren't abandoned here.  There is SO much loving help out there!! "   

Divine Mother Blessings and Mastery Activation for Compassion and Self Love/Acceptance/Trust​

"A swirling ring of energy was activated between my third eye and causal chakra. I floated in the awareness that I am a spiritual being having a physical experience--and compassion love, acceptance and trust are interwoven in the spiritual fabric of my very being. I spent a lot of time here, just being immersed in this wonderful thought/sensation.  Divine Mother then gathered me up into her Essence and 'bathed' the illusions and the fears away. While this was going on, I was aware that tiny chambers inside my heart were being opened. As each chamber opened, I felt the many frequencies of LOVE set up resonance so that I could vibrate at that level. This was an indescribable feeling--fabulous! I spent some time here experiencing love, loving, acceptance, accepting... I came out of this with an open heart and realizing that we are all most beautiful beings. What a blessing."

Elohim Blessings and Mastery Activation for Creating Abundance and Manifesting on the Physical/Material Plane

" 'Dear Ones, there is no lack of abundance in any form--it is only the fear filters which cover your eyes.  Allow us to gently remove them and replace with templates designed to help you see from love.  These templates also help you to manifest for the highest good of all.'

I gave the okay and felt a very gentle 'scraping' over my physical and third eyes. Then corroded forms were removed from my mental body replaced with new, upgraded pristine forms which are aligned with the new HEART paradigm. I was able to both watch and feel as each of these forms was replaced. This just brought an amazing feeling of expansion and realization that it is our fears that foster the illusion of lack. Abundance in all its forms is created from love and this activation aligns us with that and allows us to bring in the abundance we so desire." 

Evolutionary Spirals of Creation Mastery Activation

This was a very vivid, visual activation. I fell into the center of Nothingness, which was surrounded by a corona, and was taken back to the First Thought that created. As I gazed outwards from this First Thought, the Spiral of Creation stretched before me, at times an outwardly moving - ever expanding spiral, and at other times an ever decreasing - contracting spiral. Periods of spiritual awareness, others of stagnation. Found myself retracing the Spiral. Millions of fleeting images flowed through me, showing that our greatest growth was sometimes during our cycles of greatest resistance. I reached the present moment, with all the knowledge of the 'past' creations and realized that it is time for us to come together in the Heart of Hearts and create our way back Home. This beautiful Activation allows us to align or creation abilities with that. The knowing this activation brings is in the actual experiencing of the activation.

Holy Spirit Shekinah Blessings and Mastery Activation for Freedom and Sovereignty

"Shower of sacred symbols flowed into my throat.  A lot of intense energetic shifts/sensations as these symbols sought to open my throat so that I might speak my divine truth.

"If you cannot speak your truth dear one, you are not free to follow your journey. If you allow others to speak or act on your behalf with no input from you, then your sovereignty becomes a pipe dream. Allow me to clear all blockages to your truth, helping you to move from one circle of existence into a new one.  This blessing allows that and activates the templates and codes that open and keep clear that center of truth which finds expression in your voice.  Accept these my children and move into your power and freedom."  


This activation reawakened this free-flowing stream of my truth. For me this clearing involved me seeing lifetimes of me being unable to express my truth-either through fear or force. One by one, I watched as these blocks to expression were cleared. I suspect that for a lot of us this will be a very very powerful healing and will release us to step into our freedom and most importantly, express it." 

Igniting the Three-Fold Flame of Love, Power and Wisdom in the Heart (from the Holy Spirit Shekinah, Divine Mother and Divine Father)

"Very intense activation. The 'soul sun' that lives within each of us was the activator during this.  I became my heart and watched and felt as all the following took place. There was an infinitely bright spark, a whooshing sound and I was swallowed up by a flame that was all colors and hues of the red/pink range. I actually started to sweat as this flame consumed whatever was blocking love.  The next flame lit, that of power, was in the green/blue range--all colors and hues. As this flame consumed me, I was shown that this power is that of living magically... of understanding the true range of access we have. The last flame, wisdom, came in on the indigo/purple spectrum.

Wisdom isn't book learning, but more a marriage of discernment and knowledge.  I became used to the heat and watched as this flame removed any constraints to living in love or living magically. I also sensed that as each flame ignited, I was gifted with the qualities contained therein. " 

Metatron Blessings and Mastery Activation for Personal Evolution and Ascension

"This seemed to consist of a multitude of mini blessings and activations.  They were 'poured' into my crown chakra, and I experienced each one. This emotional knowing went on for quite a while until I found myself in my cells.

The ascension codes in the DNA had been activated and each gene that had a code fired up in brilliant colors washing my whole body in light and joy.  Meanwhile my crown chakra expanded so much it seemed to include everything in the universe, and I just soaked this amazing feeling in. Hours later, I am still wide open to all that exists!" 

Mother/Father GOD Blessings and Mastery Activation For Inner Peace and Tranquility

"Huge pulsing waves of energy/color entered my chakras. I felt it most in my throat and heart. As these waves continued, I had the picture of me being cradled in loving arms. Very Nice.  The waves continued and changed to a soft blue hue. I was aware of a lot of stress being released and a little smile forming!

Then I heard this "Many, many changes are occurring in today's world. Gaia is shifting into the fifth dimension, light-bearers, star-seeds and healers are centering in the heart. This change, however welcome, brings chaos with it. We are offering this activation to help you stay calm amongst these changes. This activation changes the filters on the second and third chakras, allows you to look with detachment on events, and gifts you with templates for activating peace/tranquility. Only by embodying these gifts can you bestow them outwardly."  I was then enveloped in a cocoon of silvery/gray and knew that these were the gifts this activation brings." 

Spherical Harmonics Mastery Activation

"Instantly felt a large sphere/bubble pressing against my body, not at all unpleasant. I was shown that harmonics also encompasses the juxtaposition and flow of all things in nature--not just sounds. I 'became' nature and felt the flow/resistance inherent there. I also saw that where resistance was, a benign way was found around it. 

As soon as I understood this, a series of forms- spheres, serpentines, spirals, and some forms I have no name for, were placed in my aura and chakras. This felt wonderful, and I saw that these forms were realigning me with nature. We have lost our harmony with nature and are out of step setting up even more resistance than is necessary.  We don't see the fairies and devas as we did when we were children. With this we become more in tune with Mother Earth and her movement. This was magnificent. "


The Energy Exchange of each session is $55.00.

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