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Language of Light Activation For Trusting ones self - COMING SOON


30 minutes

The Language of Light is the language of the Soul and when spoken it can release and clear duality in all aspects of life.

The Language of Light raises your vibration, clears and releases stress and activates higher light

quotient for each individual who listens to it.

The Audio recording is encoded with codes that download once when you listen to the recording. After listening to the audio recording once and have received the codes of light, you can listen to the recording again in the future for relaxation purposes.

The following Language of Light Recording, connects you to the spirit of the trees, the Ascended Master St. Germain, the infinite light of God-Goddess, helping you to release fears connected to blocks of trust in all aspects of life including your intuition.

It releases stress, anger and activates dna in the heart chakra.

And much more. Each person will receive that which is for her/his highest good.

Energy Exchange: $44.00

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