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Cosmic Clearing Template


"Welcome to the Heart of the Creator! We are the Council of Light connecting with the heart in the NOW moment. The ability to surrender to a higher light quotient is the Energy of the Cosmic Clearing Template. The Divine Heart is the Alchemist with this Energy, it is a connector and a transmuter at the same time, what this means is you clear less-than-love realities and at the same time connect deeper with your Heart and in so doing, you connect deeper with your Higher-Self, Guides and Guardians.

Welcome to the Heart Paradigm Beloveds, Welcome" - The Council of Light

The Cosmic Clearing Template clears multidimensionally and through time and space, it clears for example:

- Less-than-love Realities

- Entities

- Negative Extraterrestrial Implants

- Less-than-love Emotions

- And Much More

At the same time as the Cosmic Clearing Template is working it connects you deeper to your heart, your Higher-Self, Guides and Guardians. Sometimes our connection to our Divinity is blocked due to fear, this is simultaneously cleared with the Cosmic Clearing Template. You can also work with the CCT on others with their permission.

"It feels like liquid light, such soft, loving energy. The Cosmic Clearing Template is very highly aware as a highly evolved energy. I first used the CCT on an old, self-aware negative implant, the tricky kind that usually takes a while to clear. I noticed when I worked with the CCT, a sweet loving energy entered my Crown with high voltage and I was surprised the implant was cleared within seconds, the CCT also cleared and sealed weaknesses and holes as it worked. I would definitely recommend the Cosmic Clearing Template as an outstanding all-purpose clearing tool." Sam - Australia

"I am so thankful for the gift of the CCT, it's truly awesome and so powerful, it's been supporting me clear a lot from my body and I have even lost weight!" Tonia - NSW

"Thanks very much for the attunement. This is just the energy I needed right now as I can feel it really clears up a lot of my blockages within myself!!! I also saw sacred geometry shapes... OMG!!! It's really like a miracle!!!" Ben, Singapore

Email me your full name and birthdate after payment. I will attune you and email you the manual within 3 business days after your payment.

Energy Exchange $333.00 AUD

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