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Master Alignment Template


The Master Alignment template aligns everything that you have cleared to the heart of the Creator, Grounds and Centers you as well, for example after doing a clearing with the Master Clearing Template or any other clearing tool, you can work with the Master Alignment Template to Align everything that was cleared to the heart of the Creator or your Higher-Self and Monad which helps the ego to surrender.


You can also align your work, home or business with the heart of the Creator or Higher-Self and Monad with this Template.


With the Master Alignment Template, you can also align your experiences during the day with the heart of the Creator. If you are a healer, you can work with this tool to align your healing session with the heart of the Creator before the session.


This tool can also align your meditations with the heart of the Creator, Higher -Self or Monad when you run it before your meditations. Other examples of using this tool is to run it before you sleep to align your dreaming, traveling and sleeping all night with the heart of the creator.


Sometimes when we sleep we can travel to less-than-love places unconsciously, in aligning your dreaming, sleeping and traveling with the heart of the Creator you travel to desirable places as long as there are no hooks or less-than-cords in your chakras and bodies, otherwise even after you align the sleeping state you would still go to less-than-love places, it is best to clear the hooks and less-than-love cords then align the sleeping, dreaming and traveling with the heart of the Creator.


A friend of mine recently had a being she had created with her mind when she was a child through fears she was encountering as a child, this being was still with her, I saw it one day and shared this with her, she tuned in and could see it also, she used the Master Alignment Template to align the mind created entity with the heart of the Creator and it was gone. The Master Alignment Template is also fantastic for people who are empaths, I have been working with it of late for that purpose as I am really empathetic to other people's pain bodies and the planets purging, it has helped me a lot in this situation, I am feeling more peaceful having to deal with only my stuff and not continuously be feeling other people's lower bodies. You can work with this template for yourself and to help other people with their permission.


"The Master Alignment Template has been so wonderful and so beneficial its unbelievable. Since using it I don't need to clear so much so often. It's like the manual override switch that undoes all blocks to God". Annabelle, Perth


"The "Master Alignment Template" works great and I don`t feel the troubles from others anymore. It gives me a lot of stress relief! I feels like I'm getting my free life back, thank to you." John, Netherlands

Energy Exchange $155.00 AUD

I will attune you and email you the manuals within 2 business days after payment.

Email me your full name and email address after payment.

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