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Master Emotional Empowerment Template


The Master Emotional Empowerment Template is a tool that helps to empower your emotions to self-mastery.

It's very simple and easy to use and powerful in its clearing, purging and activation protocols and can be extended through the timelines of any positive emotion you would like to empower and activate.

  The clearing and purging protocols within the template will clear and purge anything and everything that is not allowing you to empower and activate a positive emotional trait on all levels.

You can utilise the Master Emotional Empower Template with things like:

- Emotional Detachment from a situation that is causing you distress

- Discernment

- Strength and Courage for example to face my fears

- Strong boundaries

- Joy

- Self-Love and unlimited positive emotional traits you to wish to activate

"The emotional empowerment template is an invaluable tool which has provided me with unlimited emotional strengthening and support on my journey towards self-empowerment and realization.  As someone who has experienced an intense amount of energetic shifts, purges, healing and transformations I have found this template to be a blessing.  Its strengthening has heightened my own personal clarity, confidence, and ability to work towards achieving my joy and confidence in realizing my goals in life.  Great for those who experience heightened sensitivities to their environment." Laurel - USA

Energy Exchange $155.00 AUD

I will attune you and email you the manuals within 2 business days after payment.

Email me your full name and email address after payment.

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