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Master Exorcism Template


I was lying down one day and I was trying to clear an entity that just would not budge, suddenly I received from my Higher Self you carry a Mastery Exorcism Template, when I used the template I saw a clearing that was so powerful it cleared the entity instantly, it also cleared cords, contracts and everything that was allowing the entity to remain in my subconscious mind because that was where it was.

I also discovered that the Template cleared programs, fear, anxiety and all the less-than-love stuff lodged in our subconscious mind and being on all levels, dimensions and through our timelines.

The tool scans for the i.e. anxiety and will clear it from you and any anxiety that you have taken on from other people and the planet, cutting the cords, clearing contracts and any resistance you might be carrying to letting it go on all levels, dimensions and through your timelines simultaneously.

You can also work with the template on others with their permission.

The Master Exorcism Template is a very powerful tool that can be used when you are attuned to it and you can extend the clearing through your timelines to clear such things as:

- Fear of anything

- Depression

- Hundreds of programs on a mental and emotional level and the subconscious mind

- Entities

- A clearing of your home, car and real-estate property

This is what a gifted clairvoyant experienced after working with the Master Exorcism Template:

"I found the Master Exorcism Template to be a very powerful tool for clearing. I clairvoyantly observed it working on many levels, including clearing not-of-the-light brain programs and restrictions, chakra damage, auric weaknesses, genetic programs and restrictions, DNA helix damage, spiritual contracts bindings and karmic tendencies.

Seeing the template in action was like a thick gold filter scanning and clearing through my energy system on various levels simultaneously. I was very impressed with the potency of the Master Exorcism Template and would recommend it to those seeking heavy duty clearings."

- Sam - Australia

Energy Exchange $333.00 AUD

I will attune you and email you the manuals within 2 business days after payment.

Email me your full name and email address after payment.

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