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Master Genetic Clearing Template


The Master Genetic Clearing Template will clear the genetic archives for yourself and others with their permission.

Clearing at the genetic levels is clearing the DNA which is the ancestral information. Sometimes we do a clearing on an issue that just does not budge, often it is genetic, with this tool you can clear the genetic archives connected to that issue.

It is ideal to use after working with the Master Clearing Template, if the Master Clearing Template is not clearing the belief for example, "I am not worthy" often it is genetic, you then work with the Master Genetic Clearing Template to clear it through the genetic archives. This template has a Master Purge Protocol which means you can clear/purge hundreds of negative and dis empowering beliefs on all levels for yourself and others with their permission on a genetic level.

The Master Genetic Clearing Template clears/purges:

- Genetic Archives of disease

- Genetic Archives of enemy patterning

- Genetic Archives clearing for your pets

- Genetic Archives of abandonment

-Genetic Archives of addictions and much more

I will attune you and email you the manual after payment​

Email me after payment with your full name and birth date for the attunement

Energy Exchange $188.00 AUD

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