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Master Healing Template


The Master Healing Template has a Clearing Protocol Profile within it. This tool is extremely easy and powerful to work with and you can work with it anywhere you may be without having to use symbols or meditate.

You can use this tool on others once you have their permission.

All these tools are self-aware which means you are directly working with divine beings who do the clearing/aligning/healing for you once you are attuned to them.

This tool helps to heal things like:

​- Relationships with your partner, children and will extend through the timelines

- Healing your organs

- Healing your relationship with money

- Healing your pets

-Healing your Chakras

- Healing your relationship and connection with the planet

-Healing/Clearing of any weaknesses or imbalances that you are carrying that are allowing you to pick up and take on neutral and less-than-love energies, vibrations, frequencies and influences

- Healing Karma and much more

When we are on a healing journey, we work to clear whatever is not aligned with love, for things that are not aligned with love brings only separation and suffering.

Through Clearing, Aligning to the Heart of the Creator, and healing the situation with the Master Healing Template you come to a place of peace and clarity on your journey.


Energy Exchange $222.00 AUD


I will attune you and email you the manual after payment

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