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Master Past-Life Clearing/Healing Template


The Master Past-Life Clearing/Healing Template has a clearing/healing protocol profile within it.


It is said that memories are carried in the subconscious mind, and in the genetic, but there are some memories that we have a difficult time identifying exactly where they originate. These are called past life memories. Group consciousness is held on this level. Many programs are the result of a "collective consciousness" due to our disconnectedness with other human and some of us galactic thought-forms. The result of thousands of years of human experiences and galactic experiences for some, both positive and negative. There are things like "oaths of poverty" that are held from past-life memory amongst unlimited expressions that are held at this level which may be creating unease and disease so to speak, which can be cleared with the Master Past-Life Clearing/Healing Template. This template has a Master Purge Protocol which means you can clear/purge hundreds of negative and disempowering beliefs and programs on all levels for yourself and others with their permission.

This Template has the ability to clear/purge and heal such things as:

- The past-life archives of depression

- The past-life archives of loneliness

- The past-life archives of disease

- The past-life archives of your pets

-The past-life archives of abandonment

- The past-life archives of addictions

- The past-life Archives of poverty consciousness and much more

You can also work with this tool on others with their permission.


As A Master Healer I have always worked on all levels for effectively clearing and healing situations for people, as I can see clairvoyantly and hear clairaudiently where the feelings/thoughts are stemming from when I am working with an individual, I find that working on all levels releases the program effectively.


You can work with the Master Past-Life Clearing/Healing Template alone with your own healing modalities or use it after you have used the Master Clearing Template or the Master Exorcism Template then the Master Genetic Clearing Template on an individual to effectively clear what you have been working on.

I will attune you and email you the manual after payment

Email me your full name and birth date after payment for the attunement.

Energy Exchange $333.00 AUD

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