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Master Renewal Template


After doing a clearing with the Master Clearing Template on for example anxiety, you work with the Master Renewal Template to upgrade the energies that were cleared and downloads for example, joy to fill what was cleared thus raising your vibration.


You can also work with the Master Renewal Template on others with their permission. The energies downloaded with the Master Renewal Template come from the 5th - 11th dimension.

This is what a gifted clairvoyant experienced after working with the Master Renewal Template:


"The Master Renewal Template feels like a great tool for healing, strengthening, activating and growth. Upon using the template, I clairvoyantly observed my solar plexus chakra become bigger and brighter. I saw my aura getting bigger and cleaner. I saw latent gold programs in my brain become bright and connected to my 3rd eye. The Master Renewal Template has helped me bring in more positive lifestyle patterns with ease and grace" Sam, Australia

I will attune you and email you the manuals within 2 business days after payment.

Email me   your full name and email address after payment.

Energy Exchange $133.00 AUD

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