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Non-Me Clearing


"The non-me clearing template is a powerful tool which enabled me to release on many levels energy and stuff that did not belong to me.  As I am sensitive and actively conscious of the planetary purge process I have experienced countless energies coming from other people and entities on many levels, dimensions, times and realities and have spent much time, energy and challenges identifying such energies and clearing them.   This included others thoughts and intentions even when they resided in other places and I was not in physical contact with them, people coming through other lifetimes as well, much unconscious stuff that we all invariably carry when we are in contact with others. This template is a true gift from the divine which enabled me to clear and release any and all energies that were not my own.  I witnessed tensions residing from other realities being instantly cleared and released including energies I did not consciously know I was carrying.  This is an excellent program for everyone including those who are gifted clairsentients, those in contact with large crowds, or just needing assistance identifying on all levels what is not your own. Thank you so much for this gift!"

Laurel, America

The Non-Me Clearing Template are for times when you have taken on stuff from other people and the planet.

It thoroughly clears all less-than-love stuff including cords and hooks that you have taken on from people after hanging out in public, working on a client, a day's work before sleeping and/or just when you are feeling out of sort, and you know it's not your stuff. It's an easy-to-use tool that you can run anywhere without having to visualise symbols. You can also extend the clearing through the timelines.

You clear things like:

- Less-than-love energies, vibrations, frequencies, cords and hooks you have taken on from others

- Your home and real-estate property and car- planetary purges and more

You can also work with this tool on others with their permission and your pets.

All you need to do is email me with your full name and address after payment and I will attune you within 2 business days.

Energy Exchange $133.00 AUD

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