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Awaken to the sound of your song

connect to your soul



Cosmic Bridge offers Energetic Clearing, Soul, Earth and Source connections, Spiritual guidance, soul retrieval and courses.

Om-Ra is a Multidimensional Metaphysical Master, Etheric Surgeon and a channel of the light, God/Goddess and the Ascended Master's Consciousness.

Om-Ra creates a space to assist individuals to move closer to the light. Multidimensional Clearing/Healing assists individuals to clear their subtle bodies, being their etheric body, mental body, emotional body and aura to

name a few from duality consciousness which if not cleared over time can create dis-ease. Programs such as fear, blame, anger, depression to a name a few are cleared through multidimensional clearing/healing.

All of the sessions assist individuals to bring more light into their being and release density at deep levels.


"Through the heart we awaken, through the breath we live, through the love of our ancestors who have walked
this path before us we receive support, we are beacons of love and light, awakening to supreme consciousness
so we may remember who we truly are, eternal blessings to you."

- Ascended Master St. Germain

"Everyone on planet earth is ascending, when you surrender to your spirit, the struggle and the suffering diminishes and the ascension process glides like wings of an eagle in the sky."
- White Eagle

"May you all be blessed in all ways, may your hearts be filled with laughter and your home be filled with joy. May your awakening to oneness be filled with surrender and gratitude. May the light shine in your eyes so you can see the truth and the knowing that everything is in divine order NOW"  

-  Goddess Quan Yin



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Healing Services

Online distance 1 on 1 healing services for individuals, children, pets, house and land, and clairvoyant readings.

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Healing Clearing Activations

Online distant healing, clearing, and activation sessions.  

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Tools of Mastery

The Tools of Mastery are energetic clearing and healing tools that individuals can use on a daily basis on themselves and others.

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Light Language

Light Language transmissions are audio recordings of light language 

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"I have had one-on-one Multidimensional Remote Etheric Healing and Soul Retrieval with Om-ra on a regular basis for the past 3 years. The journey has been truly amazing. Her work covers many levels, soul fragments, past-lives, karmas, beliefs, contracts, agreements, thoughtforms, doors, portals, parallels etc. Her ability to work at this level is very rare. But to be able to do this work in such a clean way is exceptional. Before I met Om-ra I had many years of experience of various energetic healings and healers. I had observed that many forms of spiritual growth are prone to creating good initial growth then continuously requiring to put a lot of energy into the work with minimal growth. With my sessions with Om-ra I have never found my growth plateauing. Every session opens me up more to my divinity and releases deeper levels of density. Om-ra typically doesn't overly detail the stories behind the dramas being cleared, not getting bogged down in personal stories is a more efficient way of letting go of the density. The best aspect of Om-ra's sessions is how permanent the growth is, for example, in a session several of my past-lives could be cleared, healed and reunited with the light. I feel a sense of peace in knowing that aspects of my consciousness have returned to the light and that it is not a transient benefit. Obviously it is easy to lose a connection to Grace and Light through taking drugs, etc., but relative to other healing modalities and therapists it is the most permanent growth I have known."

Sam, NSW

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