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Cosmic Bridge offers Energetic Clearing, Soul, Earth and Source connections, Spiritual guidance, soul retrieval and courses.

Om-Ra is a Multidimensional Metaphysical Master, Etheric Surgeon and a channelof the light, God/Goddess and the Ascended Master's Consciousness.

Om-Ra creates a space to assist individuals to move closer to the light. Multidimensional Clearing/Healing assists individuals to clear their subtle bodies, being their etheric body, mental body, emotional body and aura to

name a few from duality consciousness which if not cleared over time can create dis-ease. Programs such as fear, blame, anger, depression to a name a few are cleared through multidimensional clearing/healing.

All of the sessions assist individuals to bring more light into their being and release density at deep levels.


"Through the heart we awaken, through the breath we live, through the love of our ancestors who have walked
this path before us we receive support, we are beacons of love and light, awakening to supreme consciousness
so we may remember who we truly are, eternal blessings to you."

- Ascended Master St. Germain

"Everyone on planet earth is ascending, when you surrender to your spirit, the struggle and the suffering diminishes and the ascension process glides like wings of an eagle in the sky."
- White Eagle

"May you all be blessed in all ways, may your hearts be filled with laughter and your home be filled with joy. May your awakening to oneness be filled with surrender and gratitude. May the light shine in your eyes so you can see the truth and the knowing that everything is in divine order NOW"  

-  Goddess Quan Yin


Blurry Drops

The Sessions are facilitated distantly anywhere in the world and for people of all ages from babies to the elderly.


Om-Ra communicates with the Higher Self of the individual to find out what is for the highest good for the individual and what needs to be facilitated to create peace, clarity and healing for the individual.


Om-Ra travels through time and space to facilitate the session.

Om-Ra is a Psychic Multidimensional Metaphysical Healer and specialises in drugs and alcohol damage repair
sessions. Om-Ra also specialises in Multidimensional Etheric clearing/healing in all areas of life.

Om-Ra also works with the Language of Light, to clear, heal and infuse higher octaves of light into the meridians and energetic bodies (mental, emotional, etheric and spiritual) multidimensionally, in all time and space working with the Language of Light, sacred geometry, the Ascension Rays
and multidimensional crystals to name a few to facilitate clearing and healing on all levels and dimensions, clearing/healing this
life and past-lives and this shifts your future timelines.

Om-Ra facilitates the releasing/clearing and healing of depression, anger, fear, negative karma and all lower facets of the ego and personality to bring balance and peace for the individual and a stronger connection to your Higher-Self, Guides, Guardians and God/Goddess. Healing the wounded child, night Terror, psychic attack, curses can also be cleared and healed with the session as well as past-life healing.

Om-Ra also works on the timelines (past, present and future) to facilitate soul retrieval.

Om-Ra is a Master Metaphysical Multidimensional Psychic Healer, Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Clairsentient, empath and a spiritual medium.

The Sessions can greatly effect the physical body where there is physical pain, this can be cleared in the session, for example; headaches, back pain and stomach pain if it is etherically related.

Om-Ra also works with the individuals to assist them to complete their Planetary Ascension which includes the 12 Light-body Activations..

Clouds and Sunset

Anyone can work with the Tools of Mastery Templates. You don't have to be a healer or visualise to work with the tools. Very very easy to use and powerful in their clearing/healing/empowering protocols.

If you have a healing practice or you wish to work on yourself and others including your pets for upgrading and raising your/their vibration and release hundreds of negative and dis empowering beliefs and programs
on all levels, the Tools of Mastery Templates will do that for you.

The Tools of Mastery Templates are self aware tools that can be used by mums, dads, couples, singles and professional people whether its healers or artists or anyone in the corporate world who wish to energetically clear and heal their aura, chakras, workplace, home, real-estate property, land, car and matrix on all level without having to sit and meditate and or visualise symbols to do that. The tools are utilised for working on yourself and others, not for attuning others.


You will receive a personal use attunement to utilise the tools for clearing yourself and others with their permission.

So easy to utilise,  you can even do that whilst you are driving.

Healing Stones

Om-Ra connects with your guides and the Ascended realm of consciousness from the 7th dimension and above for spiritual guidance via her clairaudience, clairsentient and clairvoyance abilities.

Om-Ra will answer your questions regarding your spiritual journey, relationships and all areas of your life for guidance via channeling your guides and the Ascended realm of consciousness of the 7th dimension and above.



Wednesday - Friday

8.30am - 1pm


8.30am - 1pm

All the sessions are facilitated remotely/distantly via phone, skype, FaceTime or Whatsaap

Violet Stars
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