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Starry Sky
Starry Sky


Anyone can work with the Tools of Mastery Templates. You don't have to be a healer or visualise to work with the tools. Very very easy to use and powerful in their clearing and healing and empowering protocols.

If you have a healing practice or you wish to work on yourself and others including your pets for upgrading and raising your/their vibration and release hundreds of negative and dis-empowering beliefs and programs on all levels, the Tools of Mastery Tool Kits will do that for you.

The Tool Kits are for mums, dads, couples, singles and professional people whether its healers or artists or anyone in the corporate world who wish to energetically clear and heal their aura, chakras, workplace, home, real-estate property, land, car and matrix on all level without having to sit and meditate and or visualise symbols to do that. The tools are utilised for working on yourself and others, not for attuning others. You will receive a personal use attunement to utilise the tools.

So easy to utilise that you can do that whilst you are driving.


The Master Clearing Template assists you to easily and effortlessly raise your vibration and upgrade your beingness, on many levels.

It will assist anyone, who wishes to work on themselves, their clients or loved ones, easily and effortlessly and by doing so, they are also assisting humanity and the planet as well.

The Master Clearing Template is powerful for people who are sensitive to energies and wish to remain clear and peaceful when it comes to unconsciously taking on other people's stuff. It also helps to release hundreds of programs such as fear, blame, anger etc.

The Master Alignment template aligns everything that you have cleared to the heart of the Creator, Grounds and Centers you as well, for example after doing a clearing with the Master Clearing Template or any other clearing too.....

The Master Sealing Template will seal:

- Leaks, tears and holes in your aura
- Leaks in your chakras
- Less-than-love portals in your aura
- Energetic weaknesses that you....

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"Dearly Beloveds, allow yourself to be loved and nurtured from the heart of Mother Father God,
When you allow love to enter into your being you heighten your vibration and dissipate fear, when there is fear there is no love. There are many aspects of love experienced on earth, the three dimensional love is held in fear for it wants to own and manipulate and that beloveds is not love, it is fear experienced as love.

The love that pours into you from the heart of Mother Father God is purer in vibration and does not
have the ownership and manipulation tag attached to it, it is freedom to love and to be loved withoutexpectation" - THE DIVINE MOTHER AND THE DIVINE FATHER 


The frequency of the transmission is very pure...           

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After doing a clearing with the MCT on for example anxiety, you work with the Master Renewal Template to upgrade the energies that were cleared and downloads for example, joy to fill what was cleared thus raising your vibration.
You can also work with the Master Renewal Template on others with their permission.


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After a thorough clearing of your aura, doors, gates, chakras etc. the spaces and places are recalibrated so that they are stronger then prior
to the clearing. Each time we feel an energetic blow in our energetic bodies...

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I was quite amazed when I found out over a decade ago that everything is run by contracts. We have contracts to experience all sorts of events and relationships. In this lifetime we have divine grace where we can remove certain contracts which no longer serve our
highest good and are creating negative and less-than-love experiences and attachments. The Master Clearing Contracts Template is the divine ideal tool to clear Contracts....

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What Clients Say

Cosmic Pink
Star Cluster

The  Master Clearing Template

"I must say I've been really impressed. I've had some pain that has been an ongoing thing for years and had been taking ibuprofen and panadol just about on a daily basis, haven't needed to take any since I've gotten my attunements. Also had a lovely experience with an originally dull looking fluorite crystal skull , felt like it came alive in my hands and in front of my eyes, got more and more translucent , was amazing".  Barbara


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