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We have all lived many lives upon Planet Earth and on other Star Systems. The timelines (past, present and future) co-exist. What this means is everything is happening all at once in different time and space. When you are experiencing sadness around not having
a healthy relationship in your life this could be due to a wounding in a past-life where a soul fragment of your soul  has not crossed over to the light and is still living the wounding whether its cant have that man or woman or my husband or wife died and cant let go in the past realities that you had lived in.

When Om-Ra facilitates Soul Retrieval, the soul that is in sadness and grief is soul retrieved into this life and aligned with your Higher-Self,
your divine will and the light. This helps you to move forward and attract a loving relationship. When working on past-life soul retrieval
you are also healing future lives as well, as every action effects the whole within you, past/present/future all as one.

This is an example, so through Soul Retrieval you are retrieving and aligning all soul aspects that you have had living in other timelines being on Planet Earth and other Star Systems to your Higher-Self, Divine Will and the Light. This helps you to ascend into the light and
descend into the Heart of the Earth and the fith dimensional Matrix/Timeline in this incarnation. This will greatly effect your future as well, because once you soul retrieve a victimised aspect of you, that victimised aspect of you is healed and will not create victimisation in the future.

This can take a few soul retrieval sessions to achieve if you have had more then 1 life where you had experienced victimisation. The
more surrendered the individual the more can be done in 1 session, the resistance is the ego and this resistance can be cleared with the Spiritual Multidimensional Clearing/Healing sessions.

You may have experienced a Past-life bleedthrough, the symptoms are depression, sadness/fearful, not wanting to be here, crying without knowing why. This could be due to a lifetime that is bleeding through your timelines and you are feeling it, Spiritual Etheric Multidimensional Clearing/Healing and Lighbody Activations will help you move forward on your Spiritual Path.


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