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Crystalline DNA Activations Level 2 - Clearing, Activation and Attunements - Violet
pre-requisite Level 1

In this session, I transmit the crystalline DNA Activations Level II to you and three powerful
attunements. This session includes a clearing of anything and everything that would adversely
impact your ability to activate and integrate the 2nd Level of the crystalline DNA Activations
and the accompanying attunements. After the clearing is done, the activation of the 2nd Level
of the Crystalline DNA Activations will take place and around 10,000 to 20,000 strands of your
DNA will be activated. Attunement 4 brings in a magenta ray to clear out the spaces between
the cells. Attunement 5 brings in a indigo/blue ray to clear out all of the four lower energy bodies on a macro level (physical, etheric, emotional, mental). Attunement 6 brings in an gold ray to fine-tune and make micro-adjustments to the clearing for the four lower bodies.



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