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If you take recreational drugs and you would like to book a Multidimensional Remote Ettheric Healing and Soul Retrieval, the drug damage repair treatment (which is a pre-requesite) is charged at $500.00 (plus paypal fees if paying through paypal) if used again after your 1st treatment.

It is a commitment to yourself to stay off the recreational drugs after the session has been facilitated and knowing the information you have received on this website and through your first consultation with Om-ra so you may move forward. Blessed Be :)


This session is for individuals who have taken recreational drugs e.g. marijuana, extacy, cocaine, iowaska, peyote, Lsd, magic mushrooms and any hallucinogen drugs/herb and or has consumed alcohol, this session includes the Multidimensional Remote Etheric healing and the repairing of the energetic damage created through recreational drugs and drinking alcohol

The reason being is the individual is disconnected from their soul and the earth and therefore is lingering in the lower astral/astral plane, emotionally and mentally and has opened a few energetic doorways for discarnated entities to influence the individual through the mental/emotional bodies.

As soon as an individual partakes of hallucinogen drugs/herbs even in small amounts, they are damaging their energetic doors and gates, aura, emotional, mental, and etheric bodies and creating holes in their aura. When consuming alcohol you are creating eneregetic weaknesses.

This session is for individuals who have seriously given up the desire for recreational drugs and the consumption of alcohol.

If you do continue drinking alcohol after this session, Om-ra will facilitate this session for you again at the same price and help you to release the need for alcohol

If you wish to stop taking drugs and drinking alcohol and would like to order this session, please allow 3 weeks after fully stopping the use of recreational drugs and binge drinking and or drinking more then 1-2 alcoholic drinks per week, before ordering this session.

This will help your body to begin detoxing the toxins and preparation for your session. It takes approximately 3 months to fully release the toxins from recreational drugs out of the body.

The work facilitated in this session:

- Defusing and removing Negative Extraterrestrial Implants, Negative Monitors, Transmitters and less-than-love technologies

- Removing/clearing lower astral and astral entities and all less-than-love allegiances, alliances, manipulation and control

- Clearing Astral Parasites, Etheric Mucus, Astral Ticks, Negative Elementals

- Closing energetic doors and portals that have opened up due to drugs and or consumed large amounts of alcohol

- Clearing influences that are not of the light nor serving your highest good on a planetary and galactic level

- Clearing, healing, repairing, recalibrating, expanding, activating, sealing and shielding the aura, auric sheath and other energy fields around the physical, etheric, emotional and mental bodies and all energetic centers and systems.

- releasing covenants, contracts, vows, oaths and promises that no longer serve your highest good.

Also clears any energy cords you may have to these things

- Clearing the Four Lower Bodies and Balancing the Chakras

- Releasing karma, karmic contracts, karmic agenda and karmic hooks and cords at the deepest level possible

- Clearing your collective mainframe and your empathy gateway

- Releasing cords that are not aligned to your highest good but also helps to shield your from cords being reattached as well pulling and rescripting to the fullest extent possible all programs, profiles, genetics, contracts, allowances, permissions, covenants, entities,  implants that are energetically anchoring and reinforcing cords. Some of the most  common cords are cords are solar plexus cords,

harm cords, pity/empathy cords, sexual cords, entity cords, attachment cords, implant cords, cords to

less than love places and frequencies; dream cords, fantasy cords, after the session you can use the trigger words "Cords" and "Release Cords" to release cords

- Healing/repairing energetic fractures

- Clearing/repairing the aura and spine - sealing energetic holes in the aura and sealing gates and doors in the spine after the clearing

- Soul Fragments Retrieval if there is a timeline fragmented soul bleedthrough occuring in your past-life timeline at the time of
the session/past life healing

- Reconnection to soul and earth

After the session you will feel:

- More connected to your physical body and grounded
- More connected to your guides and soul
- At peace
- Less mind chatter
- Relief from headaches, back pain and general aches and pain if it was etherically related

follow up session are the Multidimensional Remote Etheric clearing/healing and Soul Retrieval sessions which is advisable to help the individual to reclaim their power and feel more connected to the Creator/God/Goddess, their higher-self, guides and guardians.

The energetic damage from drugs/alcohol will be repaired with this session.

The session is facilitated remotely - includes a phone/email/Skype/face-time consultation

The session is a 30 minutes initial consult via phone/skype/facetime/email and 1 hour and 10 minutes healing

The healing begins 4 days before the scheduled
date/time of the healing hence payment is required 4 days before the session
to confirm it, Blessed Be :)

Energy Exchange: $350 via bank transfer or $370 through paypal

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Blurry Drops


This Protection Package is ideal for those beginning on their spiritual journey, the shields, Transparency Shielding and Re-scripting and Universal Michael Excalibur Activation and Initiation is all you will need.


A lot of these shields involve advanced cloaking and protection from the adversary to light, helping
you to repel people not aligned with your path of mastery from entering your life, protect your home and car, shield you from less-than-love earth energies and frequencies. Unlike many of the other shields I have worked with, these shields allow you to carry out your service work and be visible in the world at the same time. The Shield Package also includes a number of filters to help you to not pick up as much less-than-love energies from parallel/alternative realities, empathy and energetic resonance with others.

"The shields will assist one in the ultimate protection that is available from
GOD at any given time in your evolution so that you can evolve without the distractions of
lower vibrations hindering your growth. These shields will allow discovery of issues to be
healed, while still providing optimal protection. In the past, shields would come down
or become less effective if a major issue came up for discovery and the individual was left
vulnerable until the issue was discovered and healed. With these shields you are protected
throughout all phases of discovery and extra angelic guidance is provided to assist you
in all phases of discovery and healing. These Shields roll back to the seed so that your
host body and your mother are provided with energetic protection throughout the whole
gestation and birthing period. These shields are all one ever needs in this lifetime because
these shields grow and evolve with you - providing optimal shielding, protection and
cloaking as your vibration rises. Once you receive this package, if any anytime during your
evolution you feel you need upgraded shields, all you have to do is say silently in your mind,
" GOD I CHOOSE UPGRADED SHIELDING" and it will be done instantly. Currently there are
432 + shields and cloaking mechanisms in this package that can grow exponentially with
the individual."


Transparency Shielding and Re-scripting: This profile will roll back to conception and re-script each
sentient being’s life so that they are largely transparent energetically to the dense, slow, heavy, stuck
and less-than-love energies and frequencies prevalent on this planet.

Universal Michael Excalibur Activation and Initiation: In this powerful session, Michael installs the
sword Excalibur into the being’s energetic systems which provides a powerful protection for the
individual from the adversary of light.


Energy Exchange: $88.00

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