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- Auric Field Integrity: This session is to assist you to clear, heal, repair, recalibrate, expand, activate, seal and shield the aura, auric sheath and other energy fields around the physical, etheric, emotional and mental bodies and all energetic centers and systems.


- Claiming, Embracing and Healing Your Shadow: This program rolls back to conception and sweeps through your life helping you to clear old less-than-love energy patterns, templates and blueprints around your shadow.


- Clearing Communication Pathways: This session helps you to release less-than-love energies and frequencies that come from technologies like television, internet, email, telephone, cell phone, etc. It also cloaks your communications on all levels.


- Clearing Control, Attachments, Expectations and Agendas: This profile helps you to release less-than-love energies associated with being in control and being controlled, attachments, expectations and agendas.


- Clearing Covenants, Contracts, Vows, Oaths and Promises: Helps you to release covenants, contracts, vows, oaths and promises that no longer serve your highest good. Also clears any energy cords you may have to these things.


- Clearing Dark Influences: Helps you to release less-than-love energies associated with cultural influences (media, books, movies, etc.), religions and cults, and dark influences from magical systems.


- Clearing Energy Interference Patterns: Helps you to release less-than-love energies from government and alien intervention on this planet. A lot of it is genetically encoded as well.


- Clearing Environmental Toxins and Pollution: This program rolls back to conception and sweeps through your life helping you to clear, heal and release the impact of exposure to environmental toxins and pollution from your consciousness.


- Clearing Karma and Karmic Contracts: Helps you to release karma, karmic contracts, karmic agenda and karmic hooks and cords at the deepest level possible.


- Clearing Limitation Profiles from the Energetic Systems: Helps you to release less-than-love energies that are usually hidden from your vision by blind spots, glass ceilings of limitation, illusions, blinders, veils, etc. Helps you to release limitation on a very deep level and to see your life and patterns more clearly.


- Clearing Magnetic, Electro-Magnetic, Solar, Galactic, Universal and Astrological Influences: Helps you to release less-than-love energies originating from astrological imprints, distorted magnetic and electro-magnetic energy fields, solar flares and less than love energies from the galaxy and universe. Also protects your home and car from these disruptive influences.


- Clearing Profiles of Abandonment, Loneliness and Separation: Helps you to release less-than love energies associated with feeling abandoned, isolated, misfit, alien, different, not at home, not belonging and not fitting in.


- Clearing the GOD Self Shadow: Helps to clear the shadow side that operates at the GOD Self level.

Clearing Victimisation, Drama and Processing: Helps you to release less-than-love energies associated with the duality consciousness games around rescuer/victim, drama and processing.  Helps you to maintain neutrality and be firm in your own center and power in the midst of drama.


- Clearing Your Dreams: This program rolls back to conception and sweeps through your life helping you to clear old less-than-love energy patterns, templates and blueprints around your dreams and also works to clear any less-than-love vibrations you encounter while you are doing service work at night while you are sleeping or doing astral cycle. It also blocks the creation of less-than-love scenarios from your dreams or nightmares.


- Clearing Your Family Relationships: Helps you to release slow and dense energy associated with your family relationships. Provides angelic support to help you to remain neutral and to be who you are even when you are with your family. Helps you to clear and release dysfunctional and toxic family relationship patterning. Brings in divine ideal for family relationships and for communications.


- Clearing Your Food and Drink: This program rolls back to conception and sweeps through your life helping you to clear old less-than-love energy patterns, templates and blueprints around anything that is ingested, digested or enters the bloodstream. Enhances the nutrition of all food, clears out toxins and artificial preservatives, clears duality consciousness beliefs around food and drink and helps imprint all food with the vibration of the Food of Love, Life and Light.


- Clearing Your Friend Relationships: This profile helps you to release slow and dense energy associated with your friendships. It clears out a lot of the boxes and rules based in mass consciousness about friendships and helps bring friendships into alignment with the divine ideal for friendships.


- Clearing Your Intimate Relationships: This profile helps you to release slow and dense energy associated with your intimate relationships. Helps both people who are working on attracting an intimate relationship and people who are trying to improve an existing intimate relationship. Please note, however, that if the relationship you have is not aligned with your highest good, it may shift and the person may leave your life. Helps people to establish the divine ideal union.


- Clearing Your Relationship with Self/Body: This advanced profile helps you to release slow and dense energy associated with your personal relationship with yourself and the way you view your body and health. It also clears away a lot of the subconscious programming that you absorbed while the host body was a fetus. Helps you to bring in and anchor the divine ideal templates for self love, self esteem, self acceptance, body image.


- Clearing Your Sex Life: This profile helps you to clear old energy patterns, templates and blueprints around your sexual encounters, sexual history and fantasies/dreams. Helps you to purify how you express your sexuality and align it to the divine ideal for human sexuality in the fifth and higher dimensions.


- Clearing Your Sleep Patterns: This profile rolls back to conception and sweeps through your life helping you to clear old less-than-love energy patterns, templates and blueprints around sleep. Helps restore the zeta brain wave for sleeping which is the sleep cycle promoting rejuvenation.


- Clearing Your Work Relationships: This session helps you to release the slow and dense energy associated with your work relationships. It also helps you to operate from divine neutrality at work and to be who you are in your working hours. It also brings in templates for the divine ideal of work. Please note if your work environment is way out of alignment with the divine ideal, you may need to find something that is more aligned. This happens all the time to people who study cutting edge healing modalities.


- Divine Ideal Conception, Gestation and Birthing: The divine ideal conception, gestation and birthing process will not only insure that you were conceived in love but it will also remove from your consciousness every fear, concern and less-than-love-and-light thought or word that crossed into you from the environment outside the womb. It all begins in the moment of conception when the energy vibration of the egg and sperm is purified and raised to the highest possible level. For people who are on mastery paths in this incarnation, the egg and sperm will be raised to the crystalline vibration. It is like you are born in the womb of the Divine Mother. The energy field of God and Divine Mother will surround you in a cocoon of love and light and throughout the entire gestation and birthing process, you will be in a state of complete tranquility.


- Healing Your Inner Child and Wounded Child: The combination of the Divine Conception, Gestation and Birthing and the Healing Your Inner Child and Wounded Child sessions helps you to create a strong foundation of lifelong stability and well-being. This powerful session has the potential to transform your life to one of more balance, harmony and serenity by rescripting the past to reflect a new reality where your inner child was nurtured and supported throughout your entire life. The wounded child is healed as well in this powerful session. When we experience a traumatic event in childhood, part of our self gets splintered and fragmented. In order to experience wholeness and to ground your spiritual energy into your body, you need to acknowledge, clear, heal and embrace your wounded child as well.

Perfected Words Profile: This powerful session rolls back to conception and sweeps throughout your life clearing any creation energy around less-than-love words, thoughts, dreams, images from media, etc. so that you do not manifest things that are not aligned with your highest good. Also goes after and clears profiles and programming that generate the less-than-love thoughts, dreams, words, etc.

- Releasing and Rescripting Cords: There are many ways that people, places, and energies of all sorts can become corded into your energy fields. This session not only helps you to release cords that are not aligned to your highest good but also helps to shield your from cords being reattached as well pulling and rescripting to the fullest extent possible all programs, profiles, genetics, contracts, allowances, permissions, covenants, entities, implants that are energetically anchoring and reinforcing cords. Some of the most common cords are cords are solar plexus cords, harm cords, pity/empathy cords, sexual cords, entity cords, attachment cords, implant cords, cords to less than love places and frequencies; dream cords, fantasy cords, etc. People who order this session can use the trigger words "Cords" and "Release Cords" to release cords.


- Releasing and Rescripting Your Past: This powerful profile rolls back to conception and sweeps throughout your life clearing anything and everything that is no aligned with the divine ideal. It clears out an amazing amount of stuff. I was stunned when I ran this for myself and tuned into what was going on energetically.


- Web Site Clearing, Shielding and Maintenance Program: This profile helps clear any less than love energies from your web sites and to shield them from interference.  Trigger word is "Run Web Site Maintenance Program" once you have ordered this session.

- Clearing Alternate/Parallel Reality Bleed-Through

- Clearing the Pain Body

- Violet Flame Clearing for Quantum Fields

- Clearing the Punisher Self: This Profile clears out the effects of the punisher self that people create in order to punish  themselves and to compensate for any wrong doings that they perceived themselves as making.

- Removing Blocks to Receiving Physical Healing/Healing Myself

- Removing Blocks to Working with Others to Assist their Physical Healing

- General Clearing Profile

- General Clearing and Balancing

- Blasting Emotional Neediness - Trigger words are "Blast Emotional Neediness" once you have ordered this session

Clearing Blocks to Intimacy


Clearing the Energetic Spaces:

• Ruby Red Ray
• Emerald Green Ray
• Cobalt Blue Ray
• Violet/Gold Flame
• Platinum Ray
• Rainbow Ray
• Ultraviolet Ray
• Angelic Councils of Light
• Elohim Councils of Light
• Holy Spirit Shekinah
• Throne of GOD

Choose one or more of the Clearing the Energetic Spaces for $10 each email me which one you would like to receive or when you get directed to Paypal after payment you can add the session name you would like to receive in the instruction

Energy Exchange: $10.00 each session

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Clouds and Sunset


These powerful sessions are aimed at helping people purge and clear out old profiles and programs and bring in new ones that are aligned to the divine ideal. Many of these sessions also include healing profiles to assist the four lower bodies (physical, etheric, emotional and mental) in repairing any damage done by the presence and operation of the less-than-love profiles and programs.

Each of these sessions usually rolls back to birth and clears out mass and duality consciousness maps, blueprints, pathways, beliefs, etc. that are not aligned to the divine ideal or the fifth and higher dimensions and re-scripts to align everything back to the divine ideal.

For example the Addictive and Obsessive Behavior Profile Purge/Healing Profile session rolls back to conception and sweeps through your life helping you to clear old less-than-love addictive and obsessive behavior and the underlying mental, emotional and bio-chemical anchors for addictions.


Another example would be the Grief and Sorrow Profile Purge/Healing Profile session which helps you to clear, heal and release old less-than-love programming, genetic predispositions, triggers and patterns of grief, sorrow and deeply-imbedded sadness. This one also includes a healing profile for broken heart energies and frequencies.

When the Trinity Council of Light was asked what is emotional mastery, they also focused a lot on the importance of the profile purges.

"The profile purges will purge from the person's maps and blueprints and imprints - everything that they have experienced not only in this lifetime but every time they have lived this lifetime as that being of who they are from the beginning that provides more clearing on a deeper level than just rolling to the birth because it rolls back to the evolution of the soul as being you. And those profile purges are important because they are changing the maps and blueprints so that you can attain emotional mastery.


Profile purges are the clearing work that is necessary to get to the emotional mastery.

They change the blueprints and then the emotional mastery is about bringing in the good stuff that you want and the operating systems that you want to work from. So the profile purges are changing the old operating systems purging that from your archives and your files and giving you new blueprints and wiring so that those things can't stick anymore.


And the emotional  mastery are the new emotional mastery where you bring in those positive loving emotions and that you exist and operate from them and not from the lower levels of emotions. The profile purges, healing profiles and clearing profiles are the foundation work to the emotional mastery."

All these sessions are sent distantly:

• Abuse (emotional, self)

• Adaptability, Flexibility and Rigidity

• Addictive and Obsessive Behavior

• Adversity

• Advertising

• Alienation

• Aloofness

• Ambition

• Ambivalence

• Anger, Rage and Resentment

• Apathy and Indifference

• Apprehension

• Archetype Profile Purge

• Argumentativeness

• Arrogance, Pride, Superiority and Inferiority

• Astrology

• Being 100% Responsible for your Life Profile Purge

• Being 100% Present Profile Purge trigger word "BE HERE NOW" (you can say whenever you want and as much as you want)

• Being a Doormat for Others

• Believing in Yourself

• Betrayal

• Bitterness

• Blame

• Blocks in Life/Feeling or Being Stuck

• Boredom

• Bullying and Hen-Pecked

• Care taking

• Commitment

• Communication

• Compartmentalization

• Competitiveness

• Complaining and Whining

• Confidence

• Confrontation and Fear of Confrontation

• Confusion

• Contempt

• Coping

• Core Fear

• Couch Potato

• Cruel and Mean Behavior

• Cynicism and Sarcasm

• Death and Suicide

• Deceit and Dishonesty

• Defensiveness

• Denial

• Dependency

• Depression and Despair

• Deprived

• Despondency

• Destructive

• Disconnected

• Disillusionment

• Disorientation

• Dissatisfied

• Honoring your Time and Energy Profile Purge

• Insecurity

• Insensitivity and Over-Sensitivity

• Internet and Computer Use

• In the World but not of the World

• Intolerance/Racism/Prejudice

• Irrational and Irresponsible Behavior

• Irritability

• Isolation

• Joking

• Just/Unjust

• Laziness and Procrastination

• Light/Dark

• Loving Others and Self as God Loves

• Lucky/Unlucky

• Love Thyself

• Lust, Jealousy and Possessiveness

• Macho, Sexist and Chauvinist Behavior

• Making Mountains Out of Molehills

• Male/Female Communications Patterns

• Manipulative Behavior

• Masculinity/Femininity

• Materialism/Keeping Up with the Jones

• Media

• Melancholy

• Memory Improvement

• Mind Control and Subversion

• Mine/Yours

• Misqualified Energies from CDs, TV, Movies,

Books, Magazines and Newspapers

• Motivation

• Murphy's Law

• Nationalism

• Need/Want

• Negative Ego Programming

• Oppression

• Organization, Efficiency and Neatness

• Overwhelmed

• Peer Pressure

• People Pleasing and Co-Dependency

• Perfectionism

• Pessimism

• Playing Nicely with Others

• Politics, Government and Military Institutions

• Pride, Spiritual Arrogance and Superiority

• Punishment and Discipline

• Putting Your Foot in Your Mouth

• Random Inner Dialog (negative self-talk)

• Regret

• Rejection

• Religious Dogma, Guilt and Programming

• Resistance

• Responsibility for Self and Others

• Restlessness

• Distorted New Age Profile Purge

• Distorted Western and Eastern Medicine Beliefs

• Docility, Subservient, Subordinate , Slavery and


• Dogmatic

• Doing/Being

• Dominating

• Effects of Incest

• Embarrassment

• Emotional Neediness

• Emotionally Closed

• Emptiness

• Escapism and Illusions

• Expressing Feelings and Ideas

• Extroversion and Introversion

• Failure and Defeatism

• Fair/Unfair

• False Persona

• Family Pressures and Stress

• Fathering and Mothering

• Feeling Depleted, Burned-Out and Exhausted

• Feeling Frazzled

• Feeling Safe and Protected

• Frustration

• Gender Identification

• Getting Out of the Little Self

• Giving Power Away to Others

• Good/Bad

• Going with the Flow

• Gossiping

• Greed and Envy

• Grief and Sorrow

• Harassing and Belittling Others

• Hatred

• Homophobia

• Hopelessness

• Hungry/Hunger

• Hurt/Wounded

• Immaturity

• Immoral

• Impatience

• Impetuousness

• Inadequacy

• Incapable

• Indecision

• Inner Conflict

• Right/Wrong

• Road Rage

• Rude and Uncivil Behavior

• Sadistic and Masochist (S&M) Behavior

• Self Criticism, Discipline and Forgiveness

• Self Esteem and Self Worth

• Self Improvement and Pop Psychology

• Self Absorbed/Narcissistic

• Self Pity

• Self Sabotage and Doubt

• Selfishness

• Sensitivity to Negativity, Others and Environment

• Seriousness

• Service to Self and Others

• Sexual Orientation

• Sexual Trust and Letting Go

• Shame and Guilt

• Sharing

• Spaced-Out Feeling

• Stagnant and Congested

• Stress and Anxiety

• Subliminal Messages

• Suffering and Martyrdom

• Superstitions

• Suspicious

• Taking On Other People's Energy

• Taking Power Away from Others

• Team Player

• Tension

• Terror

• Time

• Toxic Family

• Trapped

• Trust

• Unloved/Unwanted

• Values Clarification Profile Purge

• Violence

• Vulnerability

• Weak/Strong

• Win/Lose

• Witchcraft/Black Magic/Voodoo

• Workaholic

• Worry

• YES Man

· Aging, Death and Dying Profile Purge

. Allowing Abundance, Prosperity and Success Profile Purge

· Angry with GOD Profile Purge

· Annoyances/Annoyed Profile Purge

· Approval/Need for/Disapproval Profile Purge

· Authority Profile Purge

· Avoidance Profile Purge

· Belonging Profile Purge

· Childish/Immature Profile Purge

· Clutter Profile Purge

· Dental Phobia/Dentists Profile Purge

· Desires Profile Purge

· Disappointment Profile Purge

· Expectations Profile Purge

· Heaven-Hell-Purgatory Profile Purge

· Hypochondria Profile Purge

· Hypocrisy Profile Purge

· Identity Profile Purge

· Incompetent Profile Purge

· Incomplete/Missing/Lost Profile Purge

· Indignance Profile Purge

· Inferior/Superior Profile Purge

· Insane Profile Purge

· Integrity Profile Purge

· Intimacy Profile Purge

· Intuition Profile Purge

· Misfit Profile Purge

· Misunderstood/Mistaken/Not Heard Profile Purge

· Overreact Profile Purge

· Persecution Profile Purge

· Public Speaking Profile Purge

· Safe/Unsafe Sex Profile Purge

· Secrets/Secretive Profile Purge

· Sexual intimacy/Guilt Profile Purge

· Shadow/Dark Side Profile Purge

· Social/Antisocial/Sociopath Profile Purge

· Turbulence/Turmoil Profile Purge

· Ugly/Unattractive/Fat Profile Purge

· Unable/Unwilling Profile Purge

· Brainstorming Profile Purge

· Mental Prison/Jail Profile Purge

· Self Pressure Profile Purge

· Cowardice Profile Purge

· Attachment Theory Profile Purge “Attachment theory is a theory (or group of theories) about the psychological tendency to seek closeness to another person, to feel secure when that person is present and to feel anxious when that person is absent.”

· Multi-Tasking Profile Purge

· Letting Life be Easy Profile Purge

· Integrating and Absorbing Bliss Profile Purge

· Self Sacrifice Profile Purge

· Peter Pan Syndrome Profile Purge: Helps people who do not want to grow up and people who fall in love with people who do not want to grow up.

· I’m Not Good Enough to Be in a Relationship Profile Purge

· Doubting Spiritual/Healing Gifts Profile Purge

· Feeling Connected to the Divine Creative Energy Profile

. Fear of Aids Profile Purge

· Pettiness Profile Purge –Refers to people micro-managing and getting hung up on the small details
rather than seeing in the big picture.

· Catch 22 Profile Purge –refers to self sabotage where you feel that you are faced with no good
options –that you can only make the best of a bad decision. People who are in a Catch 22 session
usually feel trapped.



Choose 1 or more from the list and email me after payment with your full name
and birth date, thank you.

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