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Unplugging from the 3D Matrix Part 6
Prerequisite Unplugging from the 3D Matrix Part 5

Ignites the heart flame and connects with the 5th dimensional grid. A lot of clearing of duality at a deeper level continues and will continue clearing whilst you sleep. This session is another upgrade on many levels, it allows for deeper wisdom of your heart of hearts to awaken in remembering more of your divinity and essence
on many levels. This will begin to unfold more and more on your journey, a recognition of who you are so to speak.


Healing the Mental/Mind Paradigm Part 6

Prerequisite is receiving Unplugging from the 3D Matrix Part 6

I heard"Open your heart and Let it be your mind", I began feeling an expansion of my heart chakra. Crystals which have been there for a very long time which were blocking the deep heart expansion
began deactivating and then removed. Then I saw crystals in my brain which were connected to the
reptilian energy deactivating and then removed. It was intense for me as I could clearly hear and see
the distortion as they were being deactivated and removed. I also experienced a resequencing of my
chakras to connect with the 5th dimensional grid. I get with levels 5 and 6 it is for advancement at a deeper level and a deep clearing of less-than-love pockets lodged
in the fields and systems.

I will transmit the session for you 2 business days after receiving your payment, email me you full name and birthdate after payment.

Energy Exchange: $144.00

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