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Master Clearing Template (MCT) This template clears unlimitedly on a plantery, Solar, Galactic, Universal, Multiverse and Omniverse levels. This template also has a Master Purge Protocol, which means you can clear/purge hundreds of negative and disempowering beliefs and programs that you are carrying on all levels and on others
with their permission. After the clearing/purging is done the places/spaces that were cleared, are filled with light and sealed. You can also run the MCT through the timelines which means you are extending the clearing through life experiences on all levels.

You can clear/purge things like:

- Anger, Rage, Resentment, Anxiety and Fear

- Home, Car Real-Estate Property and Healing/world service spaces and Places

- Crystals and all personal belongings

- Chakra and Aura Clearing

- Less-Than-Love Cords, Hooks Beings and influences

- Clearing your pets

- Programs and beliefs around unworthiness and hundreds of other negative and disempowering beliefs

- clearing any less-than-love energies, beings and influences that are impacting your energy fields

- Clearing your money and all of your financial and economic exchanges

- clearing any less-than-love energies, thought forms, feelings and programs you picked up through
empathy with, resonance to or interactions with other people

- Negative self talk random inner dialogue and much more

You receive a manual with instructions on how to work with the MCT

I will attune you and email you the manuals within 2 business days after payment.
Email me your full name and email address after payment.

Energy Exchange: $333.00

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Image by Jeremy Thomas


The Master Alignment template aligns everything that you have cleared to the heart of the Creator, Grounds and Centers you as well, for example after doing a clearing with the Master Clearing Template or any other clearing tool, you can work with the Master Alignment Template to Align everything that was cleared to the heart of the Creator or your Higher-Self and Monad which helps the ego to surrender.


You can also align your work, home or business with the heart of the Creator or Higher-Self and Monad with this Template.


With the Master Alignment Template you can also align your experiences
during the day with the heart of the Creator. If you are a healer you can work with this tools to align your healing session with the heart of the Creator before the session.


This tool can also align your meditations with the heart of the Creator, Higher -Self or Monad when you run it before your meditations. Other examples of using this tool is to run it before you sleep to align your dreaming, traveling and sleeping all night with the heart of the creator.


Sometimes when we sleep we can travel to less-than-love places unconsciously, in aligning your dreaming, sleeping and traveling with the heart of the Creator you travel to desirable places as long as there are no hooks or less-than-cords in your ckakras and bodies, otherwise even after you align the sleeping state you would still go to less-than-love places, it is best to clear the hooks and less-than-love cords then align the sleeping, dreaming and traveling with the heart of the Creator.


A friend of mine recently had a being she had created with her mind when she was a child through fears she was encountering as a child, this being was still with her, I saw it one day and shared this with her, she tuned in and could see it also, she used the Master Alignment Template to align the mind created entity with the heart of the Creator and it was gone.

The Master Alignment Template is also fantastic for people who are empaths, I have been working with it of late for that purpose as I am really empathetic to other people's pain bodies and the planets purging, it has helped me a lot in this situation, I am feeling more peaceful having to deal with only my stuff and not continuously be feeling other people's lower bodies. You can work with this template for yourself and to help other people with their permission.


"The Master Alignment Template has been so wonderful and so beneficial its unbelievable. Since using it I don't need to clear so much so often. It's like the manual override switch that undoes all blocks to God".
Annabelle - Perth



"The "Master Alignment Template" works great and I don`t feel the troubles from others anymore. It gives me a lot of stress relief! I feels like I'm getting my free life back, thank to you." John - Netherlands

Energy Exchange : $155.00AUD

I will attune you and email you the manuals within 2 business days after payment.

Email me your full name and email address after payment.

Master Sealing Template

The Master Sealing Template will seal:

- Leaks, tears and holes in your aura
- Leaks in your chakras
- Less-than-love portals in your aura
- Energetic weaknesses that you have to negative influences, energies, vibrations and consciousness
- Energetic weaknesses to lower astrals and astral entities
- Energetic weaknesses to someone in your life

Tears and holes in the Aura allow your energies to leak away, and give entry to negative entities.
A tear in the aura makes one feel wretched; tired, permanently stressed and 'under attack'.
They can be caused by emotional shock or by long term stress. They may also occur following a physical shock like a fall or a jolt.

Some of the worst damage is done through the use of recreational drugs, marijuana included.

Sometimes when we interact with people who are on drugs, the drugs have pierced that person's aura and so astral entities can easily slip into the persons aura, chakras and consciousness, so when we interact with that person and especially when we physically connect with them through touch the astral entity will pierce our aura and create holes in our aura, this has happened to me when pulling out entities from a client who has been on drugs. So the Master Sealing Template is great to use after you have used the Master Exorcism Template for clearing entities, on yourself after such encounters. We can also attract less than love portals in our aura, again this is due to astral entities/drug related. These portals when they are opened can also attract entities who are afraid and are not in the light. I know at times I have felt fear knowing it is not mine and when tuning in I saw an astral entity who is attached to me and is in fear. You can use the Master Sealing Template to seal the holes and portals and also to a seal leaks in your chakras. You can also work with this Template on others with their permission.

"In my experience of using the Master Sealing Template, I have found it to be an excellent tool in completing clearing and healing work. When I clear energies, I see them clairvoyantly turn from black to bright white light. Then I utilise the Master Sealing Template on the cleared space for my highest good. This seals opened doors and opened spaces so the clearing is clean and protected. After using the Master Sealing Template I often see a transparent shield where the cleared space was. For example, I could clear something in my aura and then see a clear shield around my aura protecting me.

I have found the Master Sealing Template a very valuable tool that I use almost everyday."

Sam - Australia

Energy Exchange : $88.00


I will attune you and email you the manuals within 2 business days after payment.
Please email me your full name and email address after payment.







Energy Exchange: $444.00

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