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I was quite amased when I found out over a decade ago that everything is run by contracts. We have contracts to experience all sorts of events and relationships. In this lifetime we have divine grace where we can remove certain contracts which no longer serve our highest good and are creating negative and less-than-love experiences and attachments. The Master Clearing Contracts Template is the divine ideal tool to clear Contracts, Vows, Oaths, Promises and Agreements in such a powerful way that when I utilised it I saw it go through past, present and future timelines to clear. It is great to work with at the beginning of sessions or when you feel that stuff is not shifting because there is a Contract that needs to be cleared prior to removal of for example an astral entity.

As with all the Tools of Mastery, you can utilise the Master Clearing Contracts Template on others with their permission.

I will attune you within 3 business days of receiving your payment and your full name and date of birth via email.

Your manual will be emailed to you after your attunement


I will attune you and email you the manuals within 2 business days after payment.


Energy Exchange: $155.00






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