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Crystalline DNA Activations Level 4 - Clearing, Activation and Attunements - Gold

pre-requisite Level 3

In this session, I transmit the crystalline DNA Activations Level 4 to you and three powerful attunements. This session includes a clearing of anything and everything that would adversely impact your ability to activate and integrate the 4th Level of the Crystalline DNA Activations and the accompanying attunements. After the clearing is done, the activation of the 4th Level of the Crystalline DNA Activations will take place and between 40,000 to 100,000 strands of your DNA will be activated. Attunement 10 brings in a dark plum ray to connect and purify your multidimensional heart and holographic mind. Attunement 11 brings in an emerald green ray to activate four chambers of the heart (chambers for divine compassion, service to Spirit, devotion, Christ Consciousness). Attunement 12 brings in a pearly white ray representing the innocence and purity of the Christ vibration for all levels of your consciousness and being.

Please Note that this activation is not for everyone. People would need to have obtained a high level of mastery in order to receive the full benefits from this activation. Please go within and ask if you are ready for this before ordering it. It is advisable for you to wait 2 weeks after having Level 3 before receiving this activation to allow time for integration.



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