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Pre-requisite Unplugging from the 3D Matrix and Healing the Mental/Mind Paradigm Part 6

"Dearly Beloveds I am Melchizedek, I come to you from the highest
vibration of oneness to share with you the importance of connecting with planet earth. A lot of starseeds and lightworkers find it difficult to be in their physical bodies because their home planet's energies are higher in frequency then that of planet earth, so they tend to do a lot of clearing on their being neglecting their feet and their grounding cord beneath their feet.


The grounding cord is important to plant their seeds of manifestation into the planet thus manifesting physically, what these sessions
will do is target their feet and grounding cord and their ego and mental body to help in connecting with the light beneath the planet
because truly this light beneath the planet is extraordinary, it will help you to feel at home." Melchizedek

When I asked what Sub-terranian level was I got that it is clearing beneath the feet, way down, when I received these sessions
I saw a city of light beneath my feet which was revealed to me through clearing the veils that prevented me from seeing and connecting
with the core light of the earth.

A Lot of fear was cleared in connection to being grounded in the physical body.


I also saw earth guardians who are magnificent and connected with them also. I received grounding codes, my grounding cord was upgraded and much more, some of you may have heard of Agartha the Sub-terranian cities of light in the core of the earth, this is what
you will be connecting to after this session.

I asked a gifted clairvoyant to share with me his experiences after receiving these sessions and this is what he received.

Sub-Terranian Level Clearing Mastery Sequences Level 1

"After I had the first level of the Sub-Terranian Level Clearing Mastery Sequence I clairvoyantly saw a city of light in the earth. There was a lot more white space around my grounding cord."


Sub-Terranian Level Clearing Mastery Sequences Level 2

"After the second level I could clairvoyantly see an unveiling of my attachments to the lower astral planes"


Sub-Terranian Level Clearing Mastery Sequences Level 3

"The third level was absolutely amazing! my attachments to the lower astral were cleared and I saw and felt
very bright white light, it looked like lava come up through my grounding cord and purify my ego and energy
system. The light from the earth was like intense bright white lava and liquid light."


Sub-Terranian Level Clearing Mastery Sequences Level 4

"The 4th level was very peaceful. All my chakras were connected to my gold grounding cord. A lot of integration
took place in my "computer files" in my body."

"Overall the Sub-terranian Level Clearing Mastery sequences have been a general breakthrough for me in being connected
to the earth in a way that feels like home yet is very 'at one' with the higher realms of divine light. It's reassuring to feel and
know that the higher realms of white light are not only above me, but also below me and all around me."
Sam Kitto -Australia

After receiving this session you are automatically attuned to clearing your grounding cord all you need to say daily is
"Clear Grounding Cord" and it is done.

Energy Exchange $144.00


I will transmit the session to you
distantly within 2 business days after receiving your payment.

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